The Curse of Kalaan by Linda Saint Jalmes

The Curse of Kalaan is a book written by Linda Saint Jalmes and released in november 2015 in France. Good news: It will be translated into English this year!

Back Cover : Egypt November 7th, 1828Les Croz Linda Saint Jalmes
For Kalaan Phoebus, the count of Croz, a surprise encounter with Jean-François Champollion on the outskirts of the ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna was providence knocking at his door. Champollion, an eminent scholar, was the only person capable of deciphering the hieroglyphs on the wall at entrance of the mysterious edifice that the young nobleman had just discovered.
But was it really providence? For, on entering the unusual structure, the count is struck by a curse. From that moment on, he has only one way to counter the vile punishment of the ancient gods; and that is return to his home in Brittany to seek the guardian of the stones.

I was really impatient to start reading this story because Linda Saint Jalmes is one of my favourite authors. The fact that this book is translated into English is really awesome and I’m quite sure you will love it.

The Curse of Kalaan is really interesting and, quickly, the story just becomes highly addictive. It is so amazing that I red this book in just one afternoon. This first volume is awesome, a perfect mix of mythology, action, humour and romance.

Linda Saint Jalmes achieves to bring us in her own world made of adventure, conspiracy and supernatural. The characters are well-created and here is what I call The Linda’s Touch: you’re bound to every single protagonist untill the end.

The story is well-written too: an arrogant man (aren’t they all?) defies Gods and finally get cursed. He decides to go back home in order to find the Guardian Of Stones who can (maybe) cure him but on his way, he discovers that his mother, sister and a friend of them are waiting for him. Kalaan has to hide his problem to his family and that will not be easy! As if it wasn’t enough, Linda Saint Jalmes decided to torture her character by adding a Damsel in distress and a dangerous criminal. The end is just magic and let us in a great suspense.

The series The Curse of Kalaan will easily find its readers. If you like historical romance and magic, you will love Kallan! Linda Saint Jalmes proves that she’s got an endless imagination and plenty of talent to spare. Also, you will realize that she has done a massive research work in order to write this book.

The Curse of Kalaan is a captivating book that leads us in the Egypt to finally take us to the rainy Bretagne. Malediction, love, good plot and murders are mixed to keep the readers spellbound.


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